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We inspires and empowers entrepreneurs on how to build successful businesses

by creating B2B (Business-to-Business) online platform.

Our vision is to create entrepreneurial Muslims who will be at the forefront of the development of the Ummah. To connect, communicate, interact and trade you need to register and start your journey!

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We offer You to Connect, Trade, Communicate & Interact

Online Business Directory & Listing

Register to multiple business directories means nothing if the directories is stagnant. We created an interactive online directory that can connect you to our ready communities driven by Islamic Entertainment platform.

Integrated Online Media & Social Engagement

We derived from Islamic Music Entrepreneurs Community which we called IslamicTunes that’s now having more than 600k organic followers, subscribers or likers of fans on multiple web/mobile apps channel and digital platform appearances.

B2B Business Matching Platform for Seller/Buyer

We created the platform to let seller and buyer to get connected and interact, communicate and finally doing trades. Only listed and filtered buyers/sellers will have their own dashboard page to let them use this platform as their wish.

Linking Opportunity for Business Growth

From ideas to startup, techno tools, funding, investors, partners, collaborates, peer-to-peer marketing, promotions, digitalising the business, exposers, searching for guidance, directions from the experts and the right person or parties to follow.

News, Updates & Articles

Cara mudah menjadi pengusaha sukses

Cara mudah menjadi pengusaha sukses

Menumbuhkan pengusaha muda untuk bangkit Salah satu tantangan yang dihadapi bangsa Indonesia adalah bagaimana menumbuhkan dan meningkatkan entrepreneurship. Mengingat jumlah entrepreneur yang masih dibawah standar minimal dua persen, sehingga pertumbuhan ekonomi...

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