• What seller needs?

  • finding buyers or distributors/wholesalers;
  • finding product placement into retails outlets, supermarket/malls, marketplace offline/online;
  • finding expo, trade fair, showcase, marketing tools to promote and create sales;
  • finding guidance, knowledge, networking;
  • finding partners, collaborators, investor, fund, grant & government initiatives;

What Buyer needs?

  • new product/services;
  • good product/services
  • good seller, reliable and can deliver orders;
  • as a coach or consultant, want to give advise, expertise, experience and motivations;
  • as an investor, funder want to find new investment;
  • as a government agencies, reputable brands want to accelerate startup or new business owners, want to start new vendor-ship programme want to find participants.

As we are technology solutions provider, we can see all this needs hunted by entrepreneurs especially new or startup companies created by new or young business owners. Therefore, we created 7 Pillars of Services to cater the needs of Buyer and Seller (the term that we define entrepreneurs and business owners in this website) needs as follows:-

  1. B2B Marketplace

    – to start or to enhance their market reach, to get buyer or seller, to sell direct to end user or finding distributor or outlet chains;

    B2B Business Event Arrangement

    – to organise or joint-organise any trade and marketing mission, networking event, trade promotion showcase, expo, etc.

    B2B All Marketing Tools

    – to find marketing system and software, digital marketing, content marketing, social media influencers to create engagement, brands development, etc.

    B2B Financing Matters

    – Guides and adjustments to offers from respective institutions

    B2B Trade Knowledge Centre

    – assist Buyer and Seller to get ready to commercialize and searching of product or service;

    B2B Social Trade Networking

    – Worldwide Government Agencies, Muslim Trade Chambers, Muslim Communities, Halal association, etc.

    B2B Main Universal Mission

    – Dakwah and ukhuwah. Our vision is to create entrepreneurial Muslims who will be at the forefront of the development of the Ummah.